10 – 17 August 2019

SA Variety Bash

SA Variety Bash 2019 - Mawson Lakes to Murray Bridge

All children should be able to follow their dreams and be the best they can be. No matter what life throws as them. No matter what their ability. Each year, thousands of children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs, get support from Variety the Children’s Charity when they need it most. Codan is proud to be a gold sponsor for the SA Variety Bash and has been for the past 31 years.

All official vehicles have Codan HF radios installed(NGT and Envoy.) RAD1 is the remote radio station that tracks all official vehicles and assists with emergencies, spare parts and relaying messaged to entrants over HF radios (Envoys.) Codan is currently tracking 12 OV’s (official vehicles), 9 MW’s (mobile workshops) RAD2 (radio relay) and FUN (fun stop vehicle) from the RAD1 remote radio station.

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