18 July 2011

AFRICOM’s Sole Source Contract is Awarded to Codan

Codan has been awarded a sole source contract to the United States Africa Command J6 Directorate to provide them with High Frequency radio systems. Security missions across all of Africa will be delivered with Codan MRX-I Interoperability Gateway and NGT™ High Power HF radios.

“Codan is extremely pleased to have been selected to supply AFRICOM with this critical requirement for HF radios and interoperability systems,” said Andrew Sheppard, vice president and general manager, Americas / Europe / Middle East / Central Asia Operations, Codan US, Inc.

“Codan radio systems are already used in more than 40 countries in Africa, and by international entities such as the African Union and the United Nations.”

This contract will mean that within 90 day of receiving the order, Codan will commission and deliver the radio network, and in addition to providing education and support to designated operators.

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