23 April 2015

Codan Communications & Catalyst Demonstrate New P25 Capabilities

Codan Communications, a division of Codan Limited (ASX-CDA) and leading supplier of high reliability communications solutions, and Catalyst Communications Technologies, a leading provider of IP based dispatch, interoperability, and incident command solutions, demonstrated new capabilities for tactical critical communications. The companies showed the recently announced Codan Stratus repeater connected directly with the Catalyst IP|ConsoleTM using the Project 25 (P25) standard Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI). As part of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) event at the International Wireless Communications Expo in March, Codan and Catalyst demonstrated rapid deployment of an integrated solution for on-scene dispatch, interoperability, and accountability.

This new configuration leverages Stratus’ low current repeater in a transportable case with an LTE backhaul to other resources. The Stratus repeater operates in P25 and analog modes and the demonstration included Unit ID and Emergency. For this demonstration, the deployable Catalyst IP Console’s Graphical User Interface and all the “back room” software resided on a single personal computer, simultaneously connecting to both the Stratus repeater and to a legacy P25 repeater via the DHS RIC-M module. The RIC-M module translates DFSI to V.24 protocol and passes P25 Unit IDs and Emergency messages. The companies showed that the Catalyst console can simultaneously communicate with the Stratus Repeater and legacy repeater, not only managing the audio but also the meta data. The demonstration showed that the radios can be dynamically patched together using the Catalyst product and that the patch can be used for extended periods without the console.

Catalyst’s IP Console and IntelliLink solutions can support up to four repeaters or control stations with a single PC, providing a compact, cost-effective solution for incident command and interoperability. Supported control stations may optionally provide advanced signaling like Unit ID, Emergency, and subscriber management from a variety of manufacturers. Catalyst’s products enhance accountability by storing call records for each donor radio and optionally store the audio for thousands of calls, all in a common format using a common time standard. These records can be exported to generate post-event reports and analysis. Like the Stratus repeater, Catalyst products can be remotely connected using LTE or other wireless standards.

Additional information regarding the DHS RIC-M module is available here.

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