11 October 2013

Codan enables digital format for repeater networks

Las Vegas, USA – IWCE, stand #2743, 14 March 2013.

Codan Communications, a division of Codan Limited (ASX: “CDA”), has announced the launch of its new Digital Link Controller (DLC), a product developed to connect repeater and base station networks together over an IP link into an all digital network.

“Codan identified a significant problem with land mobile radio repeater networks in that they could only be linked in an analog format through leased lines, microwave or over an IP network – resulting in a loss of audio quality, limited control signaling and no encryption,” said Robert Small, VP/GM Codan Communications Operations.

“Codan’s DLC overcomes this problem by enabling Codan repeaters and base stations to be linked together in an all digital network over IP utilizing the P25 Digital Fixed Station Interface (FSI)."

“This solution saves on leased line costs, eliminates the need for a second pair of frequencies to link sites and most importantly, supports multivendor operation using P25 FSI. All P25 repeater networks can now be seamlessly linked over a digital format resulting in clear communications and the ability to encrypt transmissions,” said Mr Small.

Like the P25 standard, the DLC supports mixed mode operation enabling the subscribers of the repeater network to be analog, digital or encrypted digital.

Following the acquisition of Daniels Electronics in 2012, Codan Communications is developing its Land Mobile Radio (LMR) business and product range, with the DLC the latest addition.

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