14 November 2017

Codan Envoy: new capabilities update

Codan’s Envoy software-defined smart radio has been widely deployed worldwide across a range of applications spanning humanitarian, relief, public safety and security. The latest release of Envoy provides a range of improved capabilities based on customer feedback, and improves integration with complementary technologies.

The latest release of Envoy delivers real-world benefits to all users and includes; full support for 3G ALE (STANAG 4538) waveforms and Codan’s new secure interoperability function. It also includes the addition of Portuguese to the language options and provides integration with Virtual Control Point and Convoy.

The 3G ALE (STANAG 4538) waveform is designed to provide fast and robust linking in the most challenging conditions, meaning improved network availability, shortest latency for data/messaging applications, and interoperability. For a full explanation of STANAG 4538, please refer to Codan’s 3G ALE application note.

Codan’s secure interoperability function was specially developed in consultation with a public safety customer who had a requirement to communicate securely with multiple agencies, using different encryption keys. The radio function automates the switching of encryption type, ensuring users cannot inadvertently transmit using the wrong mode.

The Codan Virtual Control Point (VCP) is a Windows® PC application which provides users with full control of the radio. With connectivity via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet, the VCP provides a common operating experience compared with the conventional handset / console, with the added convenience of mouse / keyboard control.

Codan’s Convoy is an innovative communications solution which fuses the reliability, cost effectiveness and convenience of Cellular, Satellite and High Frequency Radio into an integrated and intuitive platform. Convoy is a multi-mode platform which integrates with Envoy, providing capability to do world-wide SMS (text) messaging, location tracking of assets and remote management of deployed radio assets, including key management for security conscious applications.

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