18 March 2015

Codan has Launched Stratus, the Hybrid P25 and LTE Communication Solution

Codan Communications has launched a hybrid P25 and LTE (3G/4G) communications network solution known as Stratus.

The combination of technologies allows Stratus to deliver secure mobile connections wherever there is public cellular coverage and simultaneously links into analogue or P25 networks, allowing for wide area coverage.

Stratus instantly expands the area of coverage of any P25 network, inside and outside buildings, in all those places where coverage has historically been a problem. Within 2 minutes, you can securely communicate within your proprietary P25 network. There is no other product with this capability.

Ben Pearce, Director of LMR Sales at Codan Communications

Easily transportable due to being very lightweight, a Stratus network is made up of a Power Center, Stratus Repeaters, and a Rapid Antenna that links to a fixed server. There is an option for double encryption by including a P25 DFSI console over encrypted channels within a VPN.

Stratus increases operational and cost efficiency, as it can utilise existing P25 equipment and work together with all P25 vendor consoles and subscribers. By integrating into any established network, customers are easily able to expand their network coverage and mobility without needing to change their existing P25 network infrastructure.

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