1 February 2016

Codan introduces the Stratus Fixed Site

Ontario, Canada – Canadian Armed Forces Sixth Radio Frequency Conference, 1 February 2016.

The launch of Stratus Fixed Site has been announced by Codan Communications. Codan’s Stratus radio acts as a stationary digital P25 repeater offering LTE/3G connection capabilities.

The Stratus Fixed Site is an affordable, reliable and secure communication system ideal for organizations utilising fixed P25 base stations and repeaters. The Stratus’ 3G/LTE capability allows users to establish publicly available 3G/LTE cellular networks for backhaul of their P25 radio traffic into dispatch. This removes the need for operations to rely on leased lines and T1 connections which are less cost effective.

“The Stratus Fixed Site is a simple solution for companies seeking to reduce monthly costs while increasing their communication efficiency. By leveraging existing next-generation public cellular networks, public safety agencies finally have the ability to move their fixed radio backhaul into the digital world in a very affordable way,” explained Ben Pearce, Codan Communications Director of Sales.

Stratus Fixed Site has the capacity to integrate with up to four Codan base station and radio repeater units over a single cellular network and can easily be integrated into existing Codan infrastructure. Stratus Fixed Site is compatible for use with all P25-compliant consoles and subscribers, utilizing existing P25 equipment for cost and operational efficiency.

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