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22 January 2016

Codan launches a tough and evolved Patrol Manpack

Adelaide, South Australia - 22 January 2016.

Codan Communications has announced the launch of the Patrol Manpack, a mobile High Frequency (HF) system which expands on the strengths of their 2110 Manpack series. Codan has developed a new Smart Handset system for the Patrol Manpack. Implemented in conjunction with the latest upgrades in waveform technology, the Codan Patrol Manpack provides significant advancements in overall voice clarity.

The Patrol Manpack offers a super lightweight solution to HF manpack communications with highly advanced battery life capabilities. Codan’s smart handset addition gives users full radio control in a highly compact package, improving flexibility to locate the transceiver wherever it suits the operation.

We’re seeing an increase in demand from NGO’s and the military market for the next generation of our rugged and secure platform from long range digital radio – we’re responding with our tough new Patrol Manpack series.

Steven Jenkins, VP & General Manager of Codan Communications Australia

“As we continue to invest in the military and security market, we are innovating to ensure our customers get the latest technology at the most cost effective price. We listen to what our customers want then ensure we exceed their expectations. The new rugged smart handset, driven by customer requirements, is the perfect example of this."

Codan offers two models of the Patrol Manpack. The standard Patrol 2110 has been tailored specifically for long range communications most suitable for the humanitarian and public safety industries, and the Patrol 2110M offers high grade frequency hopping and advanced encryption. The rugged smart handset, designed in response to extensive customer feedback based on ergonomics and keypad profile, is available with both Patrol models.

The Patrol Manpack launch continues a period of strategic innovation and growth for Codan who will be launching their latest line of LMR and HF products to market in March and April 2016 respectively.

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