15 September 2015

Codan launches DV for clearest HF voice on a Manpack

London, United Kingdom - DSEI 2015, stand #N6-350, 15 September 2015.

The launch of second generation Digital Voice has been announced by Codan Communications for their High Frequency (HF) Manpack product line.

The new Digital Voice feature on the 2110 series of Codan high frequency Manpacks offers a major advancement in the quality of clear voice communications over HF systems, with clarity now similar to that experienced on cellular phones. This is all possible while establishing network connections in extreme and remote locations, an area where other analogue HF radios fail.

With 3G ALE capability, the 2110 series Manpacks are now the sole high frequency radio system available with both 3G ALE and second generation Digital Voice functionality.

Having both 3G ALE and digital voice on a HF radio means that not only will establishing your HF link be quicker, the 3G ALE will open a HF channel in conditions no other HF radio can. Your digital voice capability then gives you the clearest voice quality possible meaning you can now reliably communicate in the most challenging conditions.

Steven Jenkins, VP & General Manager of Radio Communications Australia

Codan’s latest Digital Voice technology provides vastly improved clarity of voice over a range of rates spanning from 2,400 bps to 600 bps. The new Digital Voice system includes a propriety TWELP vocoder mode while also supporting the standards STANAG 4591 (MELPe) and AES-256 encryption, to provide superior voice performance in comparison with MELPe technology.

The 2110M Manpack has been constructed to perform reliably in the world’s toughest environments and locations, while being compliant with the highest level of environmental Military standard MIL-STD-810F.

“The 2110M Manpack is one of the toughest HF Manpacks available, and now also the best for voice clarity and establishing a HF connection in the most challenging conditions. You can’t get any better than that in a HF manpack,” said Mr Jenkins.

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