23 March 2016

Codan launches the Cyclone repeater/base station at IWCE 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – IWCE 2016, booth #1857, 23 March 2016.

Codan Communications, a division of Codan Limited, has announced the launch of its latest radio repeater system Codan Cyclone. Codan’s Cyclone radio repeater acts as a replacement for existing conventional core radio repeaters and base stations.

The Cyclone design has been based off the rugged MT-4E repeater. Coupled with Avtec’s RIC-M technology the Codan Cyclone repeater provides a reliable solution for current legacy repeaters that use proprietary v.24 interface into existing core networks. With a full P25 Digital Fixed Station Interface, Cyclone enables future migration to a P25 standards-based network and backhaul over Ethernet, resolving the need to use expensive leased lines and T1 connections.

The Cyclone will replace legacy conventional repeaters and base stations with proprietary P25 network connectivity allowing customers to extend the life of their existing core networks. Customers will benefit by saving thousands of dollars per repeater that continue to use proprietary network interfaces.

Charlie Stuff, Executive General Manager

The Cyclone system is designed using the exact dimensions of existing legacy stations through an effective 5RU footprint design. This ensures the Cyclone installation process is extremely simple, and is able to drop-in to your current legacy setup. Simply disconnect the RF, power, and backhaul v.24 connections, and replace the Legacy system with Cyclone. Cyclone will provide the same capability as the legacy product with power on and is compatible with VHF, UHF and 700/800/900 MHz frequency bands.

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