17 June 2014

Codan's Digital Voice Upgrade – the Quantum Leap for HF

Codan Communications’ Envoy High Frequency (HF) smart radio has just received an upgrade, with the release of second generation Digital Voice technology. The improved voice quality and clarity is unmatched among other HF communication mediums and can be compared to mobile phones. The Digital Voice can also guarantee continuous operation even in faded and degraded HF channels.

The new Digital Voice technology on Envoy is a quantum leap for HF communications. People consider HF old technology with the hiss and crackle – but now with Envoy, it has the ease of use of a smart phone, and most importantly, now sounds like one.

Paul McCarter, Codan’s Executive General Manager of the Codan Communications Division

Clear voice communication can be heard from 2,400bps to 600bps and can maintain optimum performance in ever-changing conditions. This capability of Codan’s voice coding technology cannot be beaten by competing commercial HF radios.

AES-256 encryption, STANAG 4591 (MELPe), and MIL-STD-141B ALE are all supported by Envoy’s Digital Voice tech. It also has a propriety vocoder mode which provides superior voice performance when compared to MELPe.

Other improvements that have been made to Envoy include a new user interface that can group contacts for easier management of communication channels, and also has a missed call feature. It supports links with external audio recording equipment to increase safety, traceability and to fulfil auditing requirements.

The addition of a GPS navigation system that uses waypoints to measure the distances between set locations and the radios is another enhancement that will be incredibly useful for Codan’s customers.

“Envoy’s Digital Voice, new features and standard options – such as the colour screen, software architecture, IP capability and multi-language support – positions Envoy as the most cost-effective option for communicating without reliance on existing infrastructure. Along with Codan’s global support network, Envoy truly is the most advanced HF commercial radio available today,” said Mr McCarter.

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