30 September 2014

Codan Releases Faster and Stronger Long Range Communications

Codan Communications launched an upgraded 3G ALE long range communications waveform. This upgrade features faster voice and messaging, and a more robust communications connection.

This is the third generation Automatic Link Establishment STANAG 4538 waveform, and it is thought to be the strongest and most effective current standard with the quickest link formation. This is crucial in problematic High Frequency radio situations.

Currently the 3G ALE is available on the Codan 2110 series Manpacks and has the key advantage of offering text messages from the radio that are up to 250 characters long. They can be delivered even in the harshest of conditions, and with a quicker and more robust call connection.

“Codan’s 3G ALE is a critical step forward for long range digital communications. It provides the highest degree of reliability possible over High Frequency and ensures that users in the field have a means to be located and heard,” said Paul McCarter, Executive General Manager of Codan Communications.

We believe we have a crucial role in providing resilient communications that saves lives and provide security. Through the upgrade to our 3G ALE capabilities, we’re ensuring that every person, no matter where they are in the world, has the means to communicate without having to rely on fixed communications infrastructure.

Other upgrades to the waveform include the ability to track each other by sending or requesting GPS positioning. 3G ALE also includes AES-256 bit data traffic encryption. It also eases network maintenance by offering configurable operation for self-learning or pre-defined networks. The Codan Adaptive Signalling Technology waveform guarantees maximum throughput by adjusting the modulation scheme to the predominant channel conditions.

“What customers can expect is faster, more reliable long range communications backed by dependable and high quality Codan product design and manufacture. We know that when seconds count, you have to ensure you’re using the most reliable communications platform and that’s what we deliver,” said Mr McCarter.

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