7 January 2010

Codan Releases New AES Encryption and MELPe Digital Voice for HF Radio Systems

Adelaide, South Australia - January 7, 2010.

Codan (ASX-CDA), today announced that it has released its DV AES-256 Encryptor, to further complement the encryption options available across its portfolio of manpack and NGT transceiver systems. Codan’s encryptor supports 256-bit AES encryption with integrated MELPe (Mixed Excitation Linear Predictive enhanced) digital voice.

“Codan’s NATO STANAG 4591 MELPe 1200/2400 b/s digital voice also provides a significant improvement in voice quality, vital for mission critical calls, and enables good quality digital voice versus traditional techniques typically used in harsh noisy environments,” said Greg Bell, general manager, HF Military & Security Division, Codan Limited. Codan was recently awarded its first contract incorporating the DV AES-256 Encryptor by a European Partnership for Peace (PfP) customer.

All programming of Codan’s DV AES-256 Encryptor can be achieved via the handset or front panel of the transceiver. Codan also provides a PC (WindowsTM) based Key Management Software (KMS) as a convenient alternative. Supporting programming of the 256-bit AES encryption, 128-bit CES encryption and frequency hopping keys, this allows for a central point of management and distribution of encryption keys. The system encrypts the key set files for additional security, providing the ability, if desired, to only be opened and edited on one computer. For distribution, the Key Fill Software (KFS), which operates from a PC or PDA (Windows MobileTM), can be used for programming. Transceiver information provided in KMS can then be used to program designated transceivers only by matching their electronic serial numbers.

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