13 September 2011

Creation of the Codan Communications Division

Codan Limited has announced the decision to create the Communications Division out of the restructured High Frequency Division. It was done to become more in line with a corporate strategy that is focused on providing integrated radio communication systems and solutions. The new Radio Communications Division is following this strategy by evolving Codan’s High Frequency product portfolio and adding interoperable solutions and multi-spectrum radios.

“Codan has a fifty year legacy of providing reliable high frequency communications. Restructuring the Division has been undertaken to carry the Company through the next decade and beyond,” said Kevin Kane, president and executive general manager of the newly formed Radio Communications Division.

“The new Division is structured to better address the interoperability challenges of both our traditional humanitarian and commercial customers as well as our newer military and security customers.”

The new Division has a High Frequency and systems engineering department that is focused on improving the usability of Codan system by creating new radio capabilities. Codan Communications is also dedicated to increasing communications reliability and performance.

Successfully ‘cross-pollinating’ radio networks among peacekeepers, security and military users requires radio communications systems that can keep the right doors “open” for modes of operations to allow interoperable communications, while providing the features that keep information secure.

Keeping in line with the new strategy, the Radio Communications Division is specifically developing interoperable radio systems with these users in mind. The Codan MRX Series, being an interoperable and scalable communications system, is used across Central Asia to support counter narcotics and border control programs. This series is strong enough to withstand being used on the field and is a deployable headquarters system supporting an array of interoperability, voice and data capabilities. They are based on the Codan High Frequency radios and provide reliable communications support in hostile and remote environments like in Afghanistan.

These systems have the benefit of not needing to change existing frequency and crypto plans due to being individual radio systems and networks. Radio nets specific to the situation can be linked from a centralised control hub. Communications managers are enabled by the MRX to interface radio nets to IP data networks and telephony. This is in addition to the BGAN and VSAT satellite systems, so larger operations have an expanded reach of communication.

To discover the range of Codan HF radio communications, visit booth #N4-571 at the Defence Systems & Equipment International trade show in London.

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