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24 February 2014

Humanitarian Organisations Successfully use Codan’s Envoy

Codan has worked to successfully deploy their Envoy High Frequency Software Defined Radio with one of the world’s top humanitarian organisations.

This Geneva-based organisation is mandated to help victims of war and is a source of humanitarian help in 80 countries affected by conflict and violence.

The Envoy radio is used to facilitate crucial communications in war torn countries that often have very little communications infrastructure. It will increase the safety of personnel on the ground by providing a reliable link back to base. The GPS will help the base locate their personnel, track their movements and respond efficiently in an emergency.

Envoy’s simple interface allows a line of communication to be established quickly and with very high reliability, which can prove crucial in many circumstances.

“Envoy exceeds our expectations in specifications and is easy to use for end-users… Codan was listening to customer needs,” said a communications specialist from the humanitarian organisation.

The Envoy SDR even surpasses the Codan NGT series, used around the world by humanitarian organisations and security forces that depend on reliable communication solutions.

When using Envoy, the humanitarian organisation commented that they were impressed by the differences to the menu and icons when comparing the Envoy to the NGT. They were also impressed that the Envoy is compatible with the NGT and its accessories, and how Envoy can be modified to suit the user’s specific needs, especially in languages.

“Envoy can be nicely customized to our needs, this means we could almost immediately switch over to Envoy [from NGT]. I am convinced of great Envoy success."

Codan is committed to continually developing the Envoy HR radio to better meet user needs. The recent upgrades include; the IP connectivity, USB configurability, a dual antenna option and the addition of high speed data and email with an embedded MIL-STD modem.

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