15 August 2016

Notice of New Structure in China

Codan Communications today announced it has entered into a partnership agreement with Red Sun Synthesis as Codan’s Sole Distributor for the China market. This cooperation is based on Codan’s Radio Communication products, both its High Frequency and Land Mobile Radio products. Beijing Red Sun Synthesis Technology Pte Ltd will be responsible for the supply of Codan communications equipment to all of Codan’s dealers and System Integrators throughout China.

This partnership will be effective from the 1st of November 2016. The extended effective date allows all current dealers and system integrators time to plan for the new arrangement and to engage with Collin Hoh who heads up Beijing Red Sun Synthesis Technology Pte Ltd.

Codan Communications in China is the preferred communications solution provider. With our legendary ruggedness and power efficient products, plus the addition of a Chinese language UI, needing no specialist training, adds up to a smart buy now, that becomes smarter over time.

Red Sun Synthesis has achieved over a decade of success in the proposal, design, and implementation of voice communications interoperability systems for government agencies and commercial customers.

Red Sun Synthesis will be supported by Codan’s strong sales force and technical support engineers in both Singapore and China.


Red Sun Synthesis designs Communications interoperability platforms and markets a diversified range of high value Communications Interoperability products for global government, business, and humanitarian aid, Public Security and sophisticated Military Defence markets. With over 2000 units of the industry-leading JPS ACU Interoperability Gateways commissioned at various government agencies (including China), Red Sun Synthesis has gained vast experience and an understanding of the needs of mission-critical operations. This experience, coupled with fast turnaround times in providing support to in-country system integrators as well as the end customers, has resulted in a very secure and satisfied base of system operators.

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