21 March 2014

P25 CSSI Compliance Assessment is Completed by Codan & Catalyst

Codan Communications and Catalyst Communication Technologies, a market leader in supplying IP based dispatch solutions, jointly announced the integration of the Console Subsystem Interface open P25 digital interface (CSSI) between each company’s products.

The increased functionality and improved features of CSSI are a welcome benefit to P25 users of both Codan and Catalyst products. It supports a trunked radio system that controls a number of frequencies and coordinates them among the system’s users so that they can share these frequencies. CSSI is one of only eight primary P25 interfaces that are stated in the TIA-102 suite of standards.

The Codan CSSI has a digital Ethernet connection between the console subsystems in a P25 trunked network and the Codan P25 radio system. This system provides a low-powered, compact system for customers who have a high amount of users communicating with P25.

For Fire, Police or Utility uses, the Codan P25 Trunked Radio Systems is a comprehensive system that can be deployed on short notice, and either on a permanent or temporary basis. It is built on the MT-4E P25 hardware platform and is easy to switch from conventional P25 to Trunked P25.

Catalyst’s IP|CSSI™ Gateway software gets its audio and digital control from Codan’s P25 infrastructure. This collaboration creates sophisticated user control over dispatch and communications using a simple Graphics User Interface.

IP|Console™ with CSSI is what Catalyst offers primary dispatch, backup dispatch and mobile dispatch for P25. It supports:

  • emergency signalling
  • unit ID
  • centralised alias database
  • roaming profiles for dispatchers
  • group calling
  • emergency group calling
  • customised graphics for each group
  • console pre-emption
  • instant playback
  • control of remote devices

IP|Console™ with CSSI can integrate with EDACSTM, MDC-1200, SMARTNET®, the DMR standard, SIP compatible solutions and other communications systems.

The compliance integration tests carried out on each product were to see whether they met target requirements within the P25 standards. Each company used different manufacturers for the same tests; therefore you can be sure that the products can operate with many other from a wide variety of manufacturers.

This is voluntarily undertaken by both Codan and Catalyst and is done prior to government organised testing on CSSI compliance.

“The ground breaking P25 work that Codan and Catalyst began ten years ago continues today,” announced Paul McCarter, Codan’s Executive General Manager of the Radio Communications Division.

Building on the P25 Fixed Station Interface work that our companies first fielded in 2006, we persist to enhance our products and verify that our integrated multi-vendor solution is ready for public safety and other critical communications agencies.

“As with previous efforts, the collaboration with Codan in verifying operation of the CSSI between our systems has gone very well. This wireline interface brings greater choices to the marketplace using industry standards for seamless integration of dissimilar systems, allowing customers to select the infrastructure and consoles that best satisfy their unique requirements,” said Robin Grier, president of Catalyst.

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