20 December 2012

The Envoy™ Software Defined Radio by Codan Has Been Sent

Codan Communications has shipped the first major order of their new Software Defined Radio, the Envoy™.

“The delivery of Envoy™ represents the culmination of significant research and development by Codan to deliver a smart radio unsurpassed in its class. Envoy™ provides cutting-edge capability in an easy to operate platform, providing customers outstanding value,” said Mr Kevin Kane, president and executive general manager of Codan Communications.

The Envoy™ delivers differentiated capabilities such as an icon-based full-colour user interface, along with multiple-language variants, making Envoy™ one of the most intuitive and easy to operate High Frequency radios available today.

“The Envoy’s leading edge features including; USB smartloader and IP connectivity, enables remote operation and configuration of the radio almost anywhere in the world,” said Kane.

“The software-defined architecture of Envoy™ will enable users to add new capability to the radio through software upgrades, providing customers the peace of mind of a future-proof solution.”

Both the launch of Envoy™ and the procurement of Daniels Electronics last August signify how Codan Communications is committed to expanding its product range. Codan can now deliver integrated High Frequency and Land Mobile Radio Solutions.

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