25 March 2014

With Codan’s Envoy, HF has never been easier

Codan Communications has launched even more advanced capabilities for their Envoy HF smart radio. Since its release in 2012, the Envoy continues to be the leader in High Frequency radio. Due to the continued innovation by Codan Communications, it is the most reliable communication medium for emergency, humanitarian and security personnel.

The upgrade is solely being used in the Envoy and allows the control point and the transceiver to be linked over IP in different locations, but without the need for external RoIP hardware. This allows the transceiver to be located where the best RF performance is, and the console or handset is in the area of deployment. They are connected over the IP with the joining of an Ethernet cable to the handset or console.

You do not need to return the Envoy HF radios to a customer service centre for an upgrade, thanks to the addition of the IP linking technology, enabling remote control of the radio. You can even configure and profile a radio from a completely different country.

The new capabilities for Envoy realise what having a truly software defined radio means – the ability to upgrade and add new capabilities, without any change to the hardware. HF technology is now matching other communications mediums for ease of use and adaptability to requirements but without the infrastructure costs.

Paul McCarter, Codan’s Executive General Manager of the Codan Communications Division

Alongside these improvements, Codan has also launched a powerful new Antenna for the Envoy HF radio. The dual antenna option jointly connects two antennas, which creates the best coverage as the radio will select the antenna with the best voice quality.

The 3048 Tuned Dipole Antenna is the new, compact antenna that can be used in areas where there is limited space. This allows HF base station antennas to be in any location, whether it is on a rooftop or oil rig.

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