Codan’s 3033 Telephone Interconnect provides for simple and effective communication between HF radios and telephones.

The 3033 Telephone Interconnect combines your organisations remote HF radio network and public or private telephone networks. Calls can easily be initiated in either direction between fixed land or cellular phones and HF radios. It features a fully automated mode with remote management facilities suited for unattended sites. An intuitive web interface provides access to extensive call logging records and configuration settings. To ensure calling is simple and reliable, the 3033 is integrated with popular radio calling systems including ALE and Selcall.

Automatic Mode

The 3033 features an interactive telephone voice prompting system that guides users when making a call from a telephone to a HF station. This is especially helpful for telephone parties not familiar with HF radio operation. When making a telephone call from a HF radio the 3033 features on-air voice announcements that advise the user how the call is progressing. Speed dial numbers can also be used by HF users to call telephone numbers stored in the 3033, resulting in faster connection times.

Manual Mode

When the 3033 is set up for manual operation, an operator controls the HF and telephone patching via a simple button press. With an inbuilt quality speaker, an operator can also monitor the conversation of both the HF and telephone party.

Codan Hf Gateway3033 Phoneinter Ptb

Key Features

Simple remote management

Remote management is quick and easy with sophisticated call logging and easy access to the configuration and billing information stored within the 3033.

User access and call barring

For added flexibility, you can apply different levels of user access to the 3033. Access levels can be assigned individually or in groups and are configured by the administrator.

Secure communication

The 3033 supports HF radios optioned with encryption and Frequency Hopping to ensure HF communications is always secure. With the 3033, both telephone and HF users have control of the security options of the HF link.

Multilingual support

The flexible architecture of the 3033 ensures there are no limitations to voice prompt languages. With a user-friendly menu structure it is easy to store, organise and select your multiple custom-made voice prompts in a logical sequence.

  • General
  • Supply voltage 13.5 V DC nominal
    9 to 16 V DC fully operational
  • Current consumption 1.3 A nominal @ 13.5 V DC in normal operating conditions
  • Environment Ambient temperature: –30 to +60°C (–22 to +140°F)
    Relative humidity: 0 to 95%, non-condensing
  • Network interface Loop-start (FXO)
  • Impedance Software configurable
  • Loop current 20 mA
  • Ring detection 14.5 to 55 Hz, 50 V AC
  • Signalling Line voltage drop, reverse polarity, ringing, on hook, off hook, flash
  • Audio characteristics Sampling device: 8 bit, ADC to DAC sampling @ 8 kHz
    Frequency response: 300 to 3400 Hz
    Transmit/receive range: User-programmable software gain
  • Signal processing characteristics Cut-through DTMF detection: 0 to 9, *, #
    Caller identification: On-hook/off-hook detection
  • Size 483 mm W x 388 mm D x 133 mm H
    (19 in W x 13.3 in D x 3RU (5.25) in H)
  • Weight 10.6 kg (23.4 lb)
  • Compliance A-tick, CE, FCC

Values noted are typical. Equipment descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

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