Codan’s range of gateways and interconnects make interoperability with HF simple and reliable.

Codan consistently ensures your HF network can be used for a range of communications solutions and that no matter the situation, you can communicate when it counts.

Our 3031 crosspatch enables extensions of an existing VHF/UHF network’s reach beyond the horizon, providing HF integration with your VHF/UHF handset. While the 3033 Telephone Interconnect provides a link between your HF radio network and your public or private telephone network, including cellular phones. Codan RIOS and Codan Convoy interconnect other communication media allowing true interoperability.

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Codan Hf Rios Transceiver Pld

Codan RIOS

The Codan RIOS provides interoperability between a range of communications devices including; radios, smartphones and computers, enabling a fully integrated communications network from anywhere in…

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Codan Hf Gateway3031 Crosspatch Pld

3031 Crosspatch

Codan’s 3031 crosspatch is an effective, reliable and affordable solution to extend a VHF/UHF network’s reach beyond the horizon.

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Codan Hf Gateway3033 Phoneinter Pld

3033 Telephone Interconnect

Codan’s 3033 Telephone Interconnect provides for simple and effective communication between HF radios and telephones.

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Codan Hf Modem Smartlink Pld


The Envoy SmartLink enables you to take advantage of the advanced IP and data capabilities of Envoy series radio.

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Codan Hf Softwareapps Cd Pld


Codan SprintNet Software provides fast, secure, high performance messaging and file transfer capabilities over HF radio, as well as a gateway to support interchange of SMS messages and internet email.

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