Narrowband Land Mobile Radio Systems benefit from higher RF power and a lower number of radio sites. Sometimes, additional sites are required to improve or expand coverage and capacity.


The LMR RF spectrum is generally crowded, with fewer and fewer VHF and UHF channels available, as well as increasing levels of RF interference. Existing customers must protect their channels (i.e. FCC Safe Harbor Tables), while looking at improving existing coverage. Codan can work directly with your team to expand and optimize your radio coverage.

Due to high levels of RF congestion, the latest FCC VHF licenses are issued with low radiated power levels (dBu) along the service contour. Not only in VHF but also UHF LMR licensees are facing stricter regulations. This challenges both radio operators and radio architects.

The problems also arise in a variety of configurations, it may be a simple single site repeater, or a county-wide radio system.

No matter what the complexity or size of the effort, Codan uses state of the art radio modeling software and adherence to radio coverage standards.

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Coverage Simulation Portable Talk Out – Before and After

A community college complained about lack of radio coverage in the local area. Codan was able to determine that a better antenna and some RF power and filtering optimizations were needed.

The map on the left is the as-built radio coverage map, while the map on the right is the optimized version. By using a better antenna and filtering, we achieve better local area coverage and are able to cover all of the Campus buildings the Community College had requested.


  • Develop designs that accurately simulate and predict coverage
  • Analyze and propose tailor made solutions
  • Use the latest Terrain and Land Use Clutter data for accurate coverage simulations
  • Adhere to TSB-88 methods and procedures to accurately model predicted performance
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