Multiple Link Controller Software CI-RC-4M

Product Family
Multilink Controller

This application is used to configure the setup of the Receiver / Transmitter links on the CI-RC-4M.

This version will function as a full version.

This version will update version 1.0 and above.


  • If installing the application on a system that already has Multiple Link Controller Software prior to v2.0.0, the old version first needs to be uninstalled through Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.

For more information on the Multiple Link Controller software, click here.

The download link associated with this software will download the Codan Service Software Bundle.


  • Corrected application startup and USB connection issues on some systems running 64-bit Windows.
Release Date
23 March 2017

Version History

Version 23 March 2017
  • Corrected application startup and USB connection issues on some systems running 64-bit Windows.
  • Rebranded the application to Codan Radio Communications.
  • Updated USB drivers for compatibility with 64-bit Windows Vista and 7.
  • Updated to support the new functions of the CI-RC-4M-G2.
  • Updated USB drivers to provide true USB connectivity. COM port communication is no longer supported.
  • User interface updates and improvements.
  • Modified the COM port selection window to allow for the selection of COM port numbers higher than 8.
  • Modified the appearance of the General Purpose Output (GPO) programming tab page for improved ease of use.
  • Corrected the loading of certain configuration settings from saved system configuration files.
  • Added the ability to program the default startup state of DTMF-controlled links on a per-link basis.
  • Added a new feature to allow checking for updates to the software on the Codan software download web page.
  • Modified the Product ID display window to show Codan radio family compatibility information depending on the firmware version of the currently connected CI-RC-4M. Starting with CI-RC-4M firmware version 1.7, the product is fully compatible with MT-4E radios only.
Version 1.1
  • Integrated online help into the application.
  • Modified the software so that program settings are stored in an INI configuration file rather than the registry.
  • Corrected the operation of the channel bank A/B selection radio buttons.
  • Made improvements in communications when programming/reading the CI-RC-4M.
Version 1.0

First release.

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