Global reach

Locations around the globe enable us to equip countries worldwide with integrated communication solutions.


It’s not just a conflict with forces on the ground. It’s a challenge to command, control and communicate to all deployed units, get real-time updates, and coordinate tactics.

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When you are focused on protecting your country and the safety of its citizens, the last thing you need to worry about is your radio communications.

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Whatever the social or political challenge, we know that you need secure communications quickly that are easy-to-use and have a low cost of ownership.

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It’s not just a challenge of system compatibility, it’s having gaps in coverage, in critical moments – when lives are on the line.

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With harsh climates in remote areas, know that your networks can go the distance, no matter how extreme the conditions.

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When your operations are spread beyond line of site, whether over the horizon, behind mountains, in urban jungles or underground, Codan Radio Communications can create a solution that will keep everything running smoothly.

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The rise in global demand for Robotic, Uncrewed and Connected systems has created a requirement for innovative, reliable and secure connectivity solutions.

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Domestic Security


Public Safety

Remote Land Management


Unmanned (UxV)

Our process

Connecting the dots


Our technical consultants will conduct a detailed on-the-ground assessment of Human needs, Operational environment, Opportunities and challenges, Cultural context, Scenario planning.


Our field service team will then design a custom solution for those challenges, using the right hardware and software from Codan or one of our technology partners.


Our specialist logistics team gets the hardware and the resources to wherever you are, getting your system up and running fast.


We’ll train operators and communications staff on how to use the system – which will be a short process, thanks to our easy-to-use interfaces and interoperability.


We’re available to be deployed within 24 hours for any support required. And we’re always on hand for any advice you require.

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