Introducing our BluSDR™ Radio Technology Family for all your Unmanned communications needs.

BluSDR™ wireless communications links offer the performance, throughput and robustness of DTC’s MeshUltra™ MiMo IP Mesh waveforms together with industry-leading SWaP, flexible form factors and multiple power levels. And fast delivery too!

Video, IP, Data & Voice solutions that enable you to Communicate Without Compromise.

CC DTC Blu SDR Family feature image

Our BluSDR™-6 is part of the BluSDR™ family. This product only weighs 0.03oz / 26g and is therefore is the ideal for size and weight critical UxV applications.

The BluSDR™-6 combines DTC's most cutting-edge technology, including the MeshUltra-XTM waveform family allowing 144 nodes to operate in just 1.25MHz of bandwidth, with the practicality of a single board self-contained solution.

Our BluSDR™-30 is part of the BluSDR™ family. This product has been designed to be the core of a wide range of systems. Weighing only 0.3oz / 85g, the BluSDR™-30 is the thickness of a pencil and the width of a US dollar bill.

Used for Medium Range UAV products.

Our BluSDR™-90 is part of the family. This product works best for Long Range UAV products. With its small form factor and designed for environmental resistance, the BluSDR™-90 is suitable for installation both as a mobile and fixed site system.

Lower weight OEM options available.

Our BluSDR™-200 is part of the family. The BluSDR™-200 is DTC's highest power Mesh product and provides up to 30W total RF power output for extreme long range applications.

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