A nation-wide network of High Frequency (HF) radios provides complete and secure radio coverage for all voice and data needs even in remote locations with no cellular coverage.


For expansive areas, the risk of no VHF/UHF/cellular coverage is often frequent, leaving the personnel without communications means alone in possible threatening environments and with their base of operations unaware of their location and situation.

Whether the region is mountainous or unreachable by installed communications infrastructure or satellite phones, people on the ground are left with no coverage and no backup. Relying on a cellular network or short-range communications such as VHF/UHF, introduces undue risk that the calls will not get through due to network congestion or being out of range.

Your Codan Solution

A nation-wide communications network is not complete without long-range radio (LRDR) communications to provide radio coverage in the most remote areas across the region. Based on a network of High Frequency (HF) radios installed in vehicles, personnel are able to call for backup, provide GPS co-ordinates to headquarters and send text messages to others on the network, thereby having access to reliable communications, from any location –no matter how remote or challenging.

A Codan Envoy HF radio is specifically designed for the most challenging environments, enabling communications back to base over 10,000 km in optimal conditions, meaning no matter where personnel are operating, they have the security of being able to call for assistance and to ensure base operations is aware of their situation. Teamed with Codan’s unique Digital Voice technology, Envoy provides clear and reliable voice communications with voice clarity comparable to a cellular network.

In addition, an Envoy can transmit GPS coordinates to enable base operations to pinpoint the location of their personnel, track their movements and also dispatch assistance to their exact location. The one- touch emergency button on the Envoy handset also ensures that when safety concerns arise, personnel can alert their base of operations of an emergency. It can also be customised to instantaneously send an alert with GPS coordinates to a pre-designated contact.

The Codan RIOS can be used as a solution for enabling users with different vendor devices to seamlessly communicate across any platform. The Codan RIOS provides interoperability between any communications devices, legacy and new, plus all signalling platforms, including HF, VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz, cellular and satellite phones, enabling a fully integrated communications network from anywhere in the world.

Key Benefits

  • Provides radio coverage in areas where the VHF/UHF radio networks, as well as cellular and satellite, have gaps in coverage and no backup.
  • HF network does not require any fixed infrastructure, can be installed in any vehicle and easily added to the communications network.
  • Enables communications over 10,000 km in optimal conditions.
  • Flexibility of a long range radio communications solution, enables multi-network structures to be customised for communications between headquarters, zones, districts and provinces.

To provide the optimal HF coverage, the radio is designed to deliver the best RF performance of any HF radio, ensuring the communications signal is stronger and more reliable.

During times of emergency, or when personnel are safely performing their work, the easy operation of an Envoy radio ensures users can easily and quickly make a voice call or send text messages, as simple as using a cell phone. The icon based handset and console User Interface, designed for tough environments and is intuitive to use with easy navigation and quick dial buttons. The interface can be customised to any of the supported language, allowing for optimal use of the radio and communications different nations.

The flexibility of a long-range radio communications solution, based on HF radios, enables multi-network structures to be customised for communications between headquarters, zones, districts and provinces. The flexibility ensures that even in the most remote and challenging regions of a nation, the HF radio will provide a communications link between the officer and command, as well as other officers in the region. A multi-network structure also allows for a phased deployment, establishing an HF network zone by zone, integrating with the communications structure of command and other established zones throughout the network roll out.

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