Codan Communications is a leading international designer and manufacturer of premium communications solutions.

We deliver our capability worldwide for the military, defence, humanitarian, peacekeeping, commercial, security and public safety markets.

Our mission is to provide communication solutions that enable our customers to be connected – to ultimately save lives, create security, and support their local needs. With over 60 years in the business, Codan Communications has earned a reputation for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, producing innovative and industry-leading technology solutions.

We know that every deployment of a communications solution is different, having customers in more than 150 countries. And when lives are on the line, it’s critical that each deployment is right and that every user is heard. That’s why we take pride in understanding your unique situation, your infrastructure, your environment, and your stakeholders.

At Codan Communications, we tailor the solution to meet your needs to enable our customers to make better decisions quicker when it matters the most. Whenever you work with Codan, you know that right from the start you’ll be connected.

About Domo Tactical Communications, DTC

DTC is the leading MIMO MESH provider in the world. DTC radio solutions provide short range high bandwidth communications suitable for the wireless transmission of video and other data applications. DTC is an established provider to customers including Military and Special Forces, Intelligence Agencies, Border Control and First Responders. DTC is headquartered in the US with locations in the UK and Denmark, with over 140 employees.

About Daniels Electronics

Since 1938, Codan’s Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Division, also known as Daniels Electronics, has been focused on communications. For the first 40 years, Daniels focused on marine radios before shifting to Land Mobile Radio (LMR). In 1979, the company's first microprocessor-based synthesized radio was developed. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Daniels Electronics products evolved to meet the growing demands of its customers.

In 2000, Daniels Electronics released a low current P25 digital repeater, the MT-4 series. Combined with the low current consumption, this made the Daniels digital repeater ideal for low current installations such as solar-powered sites or transportable solutions.

In August 2012, Codan Limited acquired Daniels Electronics Ltd., adding an industry leader in reliable Land Mobile Radio products to their portfolio. Codan Communications is a division of Codan Limited, a global and publically listed company founded in 1959 and headquartered in Adelaide, Australia. The LMR division of Codan Communications continues the Daniels Electronics 70 year tradition of providing the most reliable, flexible and cost effective solutions to customers. Codan Communications’ Land Mobile Radio (LMR) products are designed and manufactured in the Victoria, Canada facility.

Our Global Footprint


So how do you know it's a Codan Communications solution? Our six principles apply to every solution we create.

We go where you go

We design and deliver solutions to every country on earth. Not only that, we deliver training wherever you are - from Somalia to Afghanistan to the United States.

No gaps coverage

Our products are built to the highest standard so your team will never be isolated or out of connectivity, no matter where they need to go.


Our products don't fail. We've tested and deployed them in the toughest environments and harshest climates, and back this up with our three-year extendable warranty.

Fast deployment

We move with you to the most inhospitable places on earth.

Pure simplicity

We have an easy-to-use system, intuitive interface, native language support, and training to get users active fast

Connect and scale

We have access to a huge range of products and systems, allowing interoperability, scale, and budget flexibility.


Solving challenging requirements is what we do best.

Where others will ask you to change your operating procedures to accommodate their radio systems, we start by truly understanding your situation before assembling the solution that does the job you need.


Our solution consultants conduct a detailed assessment of:

  • Existing infrastructure
  • Operational environment
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Stakeholder needs
  • Budget and existing investments


Our consultants design a customer solution for those challenges, using the right technology from Codan or one of our partners.


Wherever you are, our specialists get your system up and running quickly.


Our consultants are here to train your operators and staff on the technology - to maximise easy-to-use systems and interfaces.


Whether we're out in the field with you, or in our support centre, we're always on hand for any advice you require.


Over 60 years of proven performance.


Under the name Eilco, Codan is founded to provide electronics in rural Australia, the harshest environment on earth.


Codan powers The Royal Flying Doctor Service, a rural paramedic service in Australia.


After seeing success in Australia, African companies begin choosing Codan.


Codan builds a domestic satellite system and supplies engineers to assist in developing a terminal for Australia's Aussat satellites.


Collaborating with companies across the US, Codan establishes a satellite telephone service for the South Pacific.


Codan acquires MITEC, a Brisbane-based company specialising in microwave RF design.


Codan expands into military technology, launching a suite of products for HF radio communications.


Codan launches a new transpacific military and security division to worldwide defence and government operations.


Codan wins Australian export award for information and communication technology (ICT).


Codan acquires Daniels Electronics, a designer of LMR products.


Codan opens a new sales office in Dubai and releases upgraded digital voice capability - a game-changer for HF radio.


Codan Radio wins contract to supply radio repeaters to all forest regions throughout the US.


Codan launches the new Sentry-H 6110-MP Manpack


Codan Communications landed the biggest order in history to date

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