Often due to terrain, public safety agencies find areas that are not covered by their fixed infrastructure. Codan transportable repeaters add coverage to these areas as required.


Most land mobile communication systems are design to cover populated areas. Search and rescue efforts most often occur in underpopulated areas without radio coverage.

Your Codan Solution

Codan Lmr Coverage Extension Solution Psd

Rapidly Deployed Radio Coverage Extension

The ability of a search and rescue team to bring radio infrastructure into the search area gives them immediate local area coverage. A properly deployed transportable repeater will greatly increase unit-to-unit radio coverage by repeating the lower power handheld signal.

These transportable repeaters consist of the same high-performance, high-reliability modules used in fixed systems across the globe. The flexibility offered by the modular design also allows for endless tailorable configurations. From a simple repeater to a tactical repeater linked to the existing infrastructure, or to a complete multi-band interoperable solution.

  • Rugged
  • Flexible
  • Complete accessories available
  • Low Power/Solar
  • Easily deployed
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