We're used by

  • Global Corporations
  • Niche Operators
  • Remote Area Workers
  • Border Patrol

We've deployed across

  • Mining
  • Fisheries
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture

Built to withstand the

  • Toughest environments and harshest climates

Renowned for

  • Performance and Reliability
  • Superior Quality
  • Expertise and Support

When your operations are spread beyond line of site, whether over the horizon, behind mountains, in urban jungles or underground, Codan Communications can create a solution that will keep everything running smoothly.

Our approach

Our commercial clients tell us they need... ...And that’s why our solutions deliver To provide secure, no-gaps communication across all operations A technology suite that covers HF, LMR, Satellite, Land-to-Air, Cell and more Radio that meets increasingly stringent OHS requirements Radio technology with the highest clarity of voice and reliability Capability to send both data and voice communications Frequency designation and separation to enable both voice and data services to coexist without disrupting each other Easy to navigate and manage systems Simple to use equipment with intuitive icon-based interface and instructions in multiple languages Systems with inbuilt intelligence to reduce operator burden Software-based network which can be updated with new features quickly and easily from one remote location To make communications easy in an emergency One-touch calling in critical moments

Your Codan Solution

Codan Hf Commercial Solution Diagram Gsd

Our principles

So how do you know it's a Codan Communications Solution? Our six principles apply to every solution we create.

We go where you go

We design and deliver solutions to every country on earth and every operational environment, from mine sites to distant fisheries to remote forests.

No gaps coverage

Our products are built to the highest standard so your team will never be isolated or out of connectivity, no matter where they need to go.


Our products don’t fail. We’ve tested and deployed them in the toughest environments and harshest climates, and back this up with our three year extendable warranty.

Fast deployment

We move with you to the most inhospitable places on earth. And because we know that radio expertise is rare, our team do the configuration with you.

Pure simplicity

We have an easy-to-use system, intuitive interfaces, native language support, and training to get users active fast.

Connect and scale

We have access to a huge range of products and systems, allowing interoperability, scale, and budget flexibility.

We know that where your people go, things can change in a heartbeat.

When they do, they are a long way from the most basic of amenities. To keep them safe, you need to know there’s always a channel of communication that can be relied on.​

​We’ve heard that to keep operations ticking over, you’re not looking for the most complex, fancy, or high-tech solution. You need something that can enable your people to talk where satellite phones can’t, while still being as easy and intuitive to use as a smartphone. So that everyone — from truck driver to mine operator to the ‘first day on the job’ kid can be connected.

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When you're faced with OH&S regulations, you need a partner.

As OH&S regulations are constantly changing and updating, you need a partner that will have the functionality to enable the policies and procedures that you implement like clear voice calls and text capability.

Because you're always on the move, you're after a system that can move with you, that has smart battery usage and a transceiver so hardy, it can keep working after being struck by lightning or run over.


Criminal and Terrorist Risks to Primary Industry in Remote Regions Whitepaper

Primary industry, referring particularly to oil and natural gas production and mining, has long been a target of criminal and militant insurgent activity around the world. With oil, gas and mining facilities typically found in very remote areas far from infrastructure, without civilian communications coverage and so geographically large that they are almost impossible to properly secure, transporting goods and personnel between locations is a key vulnerability that armed groups often exploit.

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