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Mission Critical Communications for the Tactical Edge, Covert Surveillance, and C2

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Squad Radio 3


The Sentry Mesh 6161 is the ultimate Soldier Radio that delivers performance, range, and versatility in a lightweight and compact wearable unit that minimises soldier burden.

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Codan Hf Sentry H 6110 Mp Pld


Codan's Manpack transceivers are a reliable, rugged and secure solution for your portable long-distance HF voice and data communications.

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Codan HF Sentry H Transceiver PLD

Base/Mobile Transceivers

Codan's Software Defined Radios deliver reliable, clear, trouble free voice, messaging and data communications, without dependence on existing infrastructure.

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Codan Hf Rios Transceiver Pld


Codan's interoperability products enable communication between a range of devices, both legacy and new, including: radios, repeaters, smartphones and computers.

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Codan Lmr Repeaters Base Stations Pld


Repeaters are used to extend radio coverage and overcome geographical obstacles that obstruct communications. Implementing a repeater increases the ability to communicate.

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Codan 3592 DVU v2


When secure communication and interoperability is a must, Codan can provide you with the most reliable and efficient HF encryption technology.

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Codan Hf 2110M 3520Transup Pld

Power Solutions

Codan’s range of power supplies are designed for reliability and durability, providing power to Codan radios for voice, data or fax communications.

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Codan Hf Ant411 Invtermfolddipole Pld

Antennas & Masts

Codan has a reputation for building superior and reliable antennas that withstand the toughest environments in the world.

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Codan Hf Gateway3031 Crosspatch Pld


Codan’s range of gateways and interconnects make interoperability with HF simple and reliable.

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Codan Hf Amplifier3061 500W Pld


Codan’s range of power amplifiers for our HF transceivers and manpacks provide a rugged and reliable power solution for voice and data operation.

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Codan Hf Softwareapps Cd Pld


Codan provides a range of software to support additional capabilities on HF transceivers.

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Icon services and customer support Services and Customer Support

Service and Customer Support

Codan Communications’ mission is to deliver high-quality, performance-based training and essential support services that give customers the knowledge and skills to effectively operate and maintain…

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Codan Lmr Repeaters Base Stations Pld

Base Stations

Base station radios are used to communicate between a dispatch/command center and mobile or portable equipped radio users in the field. Codan base station radios can be configured for a variety of…

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Codan Lmr Vst Pld

Voting & Simulcast

Codan simulcast and voting solutions offer an enhanced level of functionality for conventional P25 and analog applications.

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Lmr Codan Lmr Mt4E Localpaging Pld


Paging provides instantaneous communication to large groups of users, ensuring that important messages are received by everyone when it matters most.

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Lmr Codan Lmr Mt4E Trunked Pld

Trunked Systems

Codan P25 trunked radio systems provide a compact, robust system for customers requiring P25 digital communications for a large number of users.

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Lmr Codan Lmr Mt4E Tx Pld


With over 60 years’ experience in Land Mobile Radio, Codan has developed a range of products that support our core LMR base stations, repeaters, paging and trunked systems.

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Codan Lmr Trunked Ip Rep Pld

Remote Site Monitoring

Codan Communications offers remote site monitoring options with live site data and logging capability for predictive trending. These capabilities assist customers in responding promptly to potential…

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Lmr Codan Lmr Stratus Repeater Pld


Codan’s range of transportables provide portable communication solutions that are self-contained and can be deployed in minutes, extending radio coverage and ensuring communication lines. Our…

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Lmr Codan Lmr Stratus Repeater Pld

LMR/LTE Integration

Codan Communications is the industry leader in providing real-world solutions for combining the power of LTE cellular with the reliability of traditional LMR systems.

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Lmr Codan Lmr Mt4E Crossband Rep Pld

Crossbanding/ RF Linking

Crossbanding gives the ability to work on different frequency bands, as well as frequencies within the same band. Linking allows an extension of the coverage area by connecting a repeater to others.

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Codan Convoy

True global coverage anytime of the day, with its satellite and cellular communications to help run a safe, efficient and cost-effective tracking and fleet operations. Asset tracking is made simple…

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