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Tactical and peacekeeping operations require the flexibility to communicate from remote locations, while on foot and in vehicles. In addition, they need to communicate across signalling platforms to maintain operational control.


Armed forces and peacekeeping troops use a number of different communications platforms to-provide them with complete operational coverage. Some operations require VHF and UHF to support short distance communications as well as High Frequency (HF) for long distance communications from remote locations and a cellular/PSTN gateway. Using an array of communications platforms introduces problems with interoperability between radio platforms, especially when radios are from different vendors.

Your Codan Solution

High Frequency (HF) radio is an integral part of a communications network, extending the reach of a conventional VHF / UHF and cellular network beyond the horizon. For tactical deployments into remote locations, HF provides the most robust and reliable means of communicating with base operations. Most importantly, it provides the flexibility needed to suit different deployment scenarios and coverage.

For portable interoperability of voice communications, the Codan TAC2 RIOS solution provides eight high-density interface ports, allowing the operator to quickly interconnect disparate communication devices by means of the intuitive Graphical User Interface. Network options include LAN with Wi-Fi and/or customer-provided USB data connection.

The Codan RIOS can also be rack mounted for a fixed site headquarters system allowing up to 32 interface ports for permanent installation. All Codan RIOS products comes with a RIOS Lite smartphone application allowing dynamic talking group allocation on a go.

Key Benefits

  • Quick deployable interop solution for all types of communications including radio, smartphones and computers.
  • Can be carried into the field of operation to allow quick interconnection of disparate devices.
  • Support for all signalling platforms, including HF, VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz, cellular and satellite phones.
  • Robust and reliable means of communicating with base operations for deployments into remote locations.
  • Optimised for base, vehicle and manportable operations and flexible to suit different deployment scenarios.
  • Works seamlessly with different encryption methods and secure keys.

The Codan RIOS is a quick deployable interoperability solution for all types of communications including radio, smartphones and computers, enabling a fully integrated communications network from anywhere in the world.

To ensure complete communications coverage during operations, an interoperability solution across signalling platforms is required to ensure the personnel can communicate to carry out a mission.

The Codan RIOS integrates a TAC2 Module and a MIL-STD Gateway Controller within an environmentally protected FAA-compliant transit case. The TAC2 module interfaces to all types of HF, VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz, cell phones and satellite handsets, allowing the operator to quickly interconnect disparate devices by means of the intuitive Graphical User Interface.

The RIOS rackmount radio interoperability gateway connects to all types of two-way radios and push-to-talk devices for use with the RIOS Radio Interoperability System. The RIOS RMC provides interface for up to 32 radio entry points via 16 card slots for use with dual-channel interface cards. The interface connects all types of radios and signalling devices, extending the radio’s interoperability beyond the basic patching gateway.

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