We're used by

  • Disaster relief agencies
  • Refugee camps
  • Emergency relief agencies

We've worked to provide

  • 6 long term agreements with major organisations

Our fastest on target deployment happened within

  • 24 hours
  • Our largest deployment covered 20,000 units

We've delivered

  • 500 hours of training in the last 6 months

While your people are helping the most vulnerable people in the world, we know you need secure communications, excellent voice quality, and easy-to-use features with a low cost of ownership.

Our approach

Our humanitarian clients tell us they need... ...And that’s why our solutions deliver Budget flexibility and one-off costs Low cost, no ongoing cost of ownership Ease of use and local understanding Familiar and simple to use, with intuitive icon-based interface and instructions in multiple languages To provide clear, secure, no-gaps communication to protect the lives of people in the field Network reliability through a technology suite that covers HF, VHF, UHF, Satellite, Land-to-Air, Cell, and more To connect with multiple organisations and legacy systems Interoperability with multiple systems including HF, LMR and Satellite, to provide a long-haul bridge to localised solutions Ownership of the network Solutions that require no dependency on third parties, reducing the risks of damage/failure to the infrastructure

Your Codan Solution

Codan Hf Humanitarian Solution Diagram Gsd

Our principles

So how do you know it's a Codan Communications Solution? Our six principles apply to every solution we create.

We go where you go

We design and deliver solutions to every country on earth. Not only that, we also deliver training wherever you are — from Somalia to Turkmenistan to Indonesia.

No gaps coverage

Our products are built to the highest standard so your team will never be isolated or out of connectivity, no matter where they need to go.


Our products don’t fail. We’ve tested and deployed them in the toughest environments and harshest climates, and back this up with our three year extendable warranty.

Fast deployment

We move with you to the most inhospitable places on earth. It means when crises happen, we move fast.

Pure simplicity

We have an easy-to-use system, intuitive interfaces, native language support, and training to get users active fast.

Connect and scale

We have access to a huge range of products and systems, allowing interoperability, scale, and budget flexibility.

When you're in charge of communications for an international humanitarian organisation, we know you face unique challenges.

Rarely do NGOs exist in isolation – they seek to work alongside governments, military, and local organisations and other NGOs within the region they service.

We know that you’re trying to find a solution which takes into account ​
the fact that every field office is serving a different region, with different resources and different priorities. And we know that learning to use highly complex radio equipment isn’t one of them. Nor is troubleshooting. You want things to just work.

​ So we know that you need a service that has the ability to integrate with a number of other systems.

When a crisis does hit, speed is of the essence. We know you don't have time to wait for infrastructure to be put in. We know that where you go, often systems can't. We know that because of this, field offices will often opt for a local system that can be quickly implemented. But we know that trying to coordinate all of this from head office can be a nightmare.

We understand that communication solutions are a necessary overhead, which is under pressure to keep low to avoid the ire of donors. We know that putting aside money in the budget for lengthy training and services isn't feasible.

We work with you to create a solution that will work for your unique challenges.

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