When you face big decisions that affect first responders and the citizens they serve, replacing complete systems while seeking funding is a challenge.


When it is time to replace a failed piece of equipment, the principal challenge is how to plan the replacement around future expansions or replacements. Codan uses deep knowledge of legacy elements to propose solutions that interoperate and preserves legacy technologies until they are gone. The Codan design goal is to introduce modern hardware, software and radio techniques to maintain good design while optimizing costs.

Updating Your Legacy Equipment

Codan helps LMR customers analyze costs vs. benefits, breaking down complex system requirements into functional and reliable LMR systems. Codan can help you augment, replace and design your radio system, including your radio equipment, microwave backhaul, dispatch and service. As there are many different approaches to solving the problems of an aging LMR legacy system, Codan will help you update your system seamlessly.

There are a multiple ways to upgrade or replace your current legacy radio system.

Complete Redesign and Replacement: When the existing systems have reached end of life, complete system replacement may be the best option. This is now un-supported equipment that has been in continuous operation for decades, with no spares or replacement parts available. Migrating directly from legacy to an IP based system can bring a wealth of benefits and superior system performance. A principal advantage of a complete system replacement is the introduction of new and advanced radio features, such as moving to all digital P25.

Partial Redesign and Replacement: When we have legacy elements that still have spare parts and are supported by the OEM, we need to consider keeping some of the existing systems and enhancing them with newer technology. Codan proposes LMR network upgrades in phases, helping to defer costs while leveraging the remaining lives of the existing legacy electronics.

Targeted Redesign and Replacement: When we upgrade only the critical components and less reliable parts of the existing system. Targeted replacement may entail one or more RF channels, an aging tone remote interface, or maybe a noisy transmitter module. Note that legacy filtering may not work with P25 Radio. Existing filtering designed originally for analog radio can potentially create problems for P25 receivers.


  • Migration plan for conversion of CTCSS/DCS to NAC Codes
  • Introduce P25 Talk-groups and Unit ID
  • Flatten the IP Network and transport latency (key for simulcast)
  • Introduce P25 DFSI Protocol
  • Convert Legacy Analog Interfaces into 4 Wire Circuit Emulation over
  • Enable an upgrade path that drives towards new technology
  • Audit RFsSites and propose optimal upgrades and site improvements
  • Enhance end-of-life Legacy for elimination or substitution with new hardware
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