We're used by

  • Militaries
  • Expeditionary Forces
  • Border Control
  • Specialised Units

In conflict regions globally

  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Central Asia
  • Asia Pacific

Deployed in these environments

  • Deserts
  • Mountains
  • Jungle
  • Arctic

Our fastest on target deployment happened within

  • 24 hours

It’s not just a conflict with forces on the ground. It’s a challenge to command, control, and communicate to all deployed units, get real-time updates, and coordinate tactics.

Our approach

Our military clients tell us they need... ...And that’s why our solutions deliver To provide secure, no-gaps communication to protect the lives of people in the field A technology suite that covers HF, VHF and UHF, and solution integration as required Capability to send data and voice communications Robust waveforms that support voice and data transmissions Capability, not complexity, providing cost effective solutions Customised easy to use radios and systems that meet your needs – not overbuilt and complex To enable common operating pictures, track, and keep communications channels under control A range of compatible software solutions Proven reliability of equipment in the field The best Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) scores, backed by a three year standard warranty To be equipped with the latest features as they are developed The ability to easily add new features as our products continually evolve

Your Codan Tactical Solution

Codan Hf Military Solution Diagram Gsd

Our principles

So how do you know it's a Codan Communications Solution? Our six principles apply to every solution we create.

We go where you go

We design and deliver solutions to every country on earth. Not only that, we also deliver training wherever you are – from Somalia to Afghanistan to the United States.

No gaps coverage

Our products are built to the highest standard so your team will never be isolated or out of connectivity, no matter where they need to go.


Our products don’t fail. We’ve tested and deployed them in the toughest environments and harshest climates, and back this up with our three year extendable warranty.

Fast deployment

We move with you to the most inhospitable places on earth.

Pure simplicity

We have an easy-to-use system, intuitive interfaces, native language support, and training to get users active fast.

Connect and scale

We have access to a huge range of products and systems, allowing interoperability, scale, and budget flexibility.

We know your ability to ensure national security is only as good as the ability of your technology to keep you connected.

We know that you’re responsible for making sure every mobility asset can be connected.​

​We know that you need to be able to communicate directly and instantly with soldiers in the field with absolute clarity. So we know that difficult communications, which can be misunderstood, have no place in the modern battlefield. ​

​We’ve heard that maintaining absolute control across these channels is vital, and that you need tailored solutions.​

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When your forces move, they move quickly.

We know you need to be operationally ready and agile to be able to execute the next mission. We know you're looking for a radio that meets the demands of the modern-day battlefield and evolving operation situation.

Whatever platform, climate, or location, you need to ensure clear concise orders to your units.


Vulnerability of Civilian Communications in Asymmetric Warfare

Cellular, or cell, telephone systems are the primary means of voice and data communications for the vast majority of the world’s population. Low costs, global availability, flexible price plans and ease of use all contribute as to why this form of communication is used on a daily basis in almost every walk of life.

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Digital HF for early warning and disaster communications systems

The Early Warning Disaster Communication Solution (EWDCS) is a solution with the premise of “resilience and simplicity”. The EWDCS provides communications in times of emergency pre, during and post disasters. It has the ability to trigger warning sirens remotely and disseminate information across a large geographic area via voice, text, phone and / or email.

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Featured Case Study

West Africa

Going the extra mile with boots on the ground service and support

In 2017, the Multinational Joint Task Force (Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, and Nigeria) purchased a large order from Codan for the NGT range of radios.
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