'Solving the interconnectivity challenge on the move'

The rise in global demand for Uncrewed and seamlessly Connected systems has created a requirement for innovative, robust and secure connectivity solutions. DTC is a pioneer in the creation of wireless RF Uncrewed Communication solutions and has the experience, knowledge and capabilities to assist all areas of industry in meeting these challenges.

Our radio products are developed by a 60-strong engineering team based in the US and Europe, with combined expertise in RF and, video encoding, mesh and algorithms equipment packaging and certification. We are renowned for developing a ‘technical partnership’ between the Uncvrewed platform design team and the radio supplier.

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OEM Products Brochure

COFDM diagram 01

DTC’s COFDM technology provides unbeatable, robust and secure communication for Uncrewed Systems around the world, repeatedly demonstrating Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) performance superior to competing solutions and high data throughput at range. With a comprehensive product portfolio, from simple digital video links to the latest IP Mesh and Software Defined Radio systems, DTC has a solution to meet every need.

Depending on the specific use case, our customers can utilize our field-proven Point-to-Point (P2P) COFDM technology for extreme low latency applications or our market-leading high-capacity wireless IP Mesh technology. The DTC Mesh offering is a true game changer in RF communications, offering IP connectivity with secure, seamless exchange of data for low Latency Telemetry Control and Full Motion Video (FMV) including streaming live HD video. This is achieved by using COFDM RF technology to create a self-healing, self-forming IP network which can operate anywhere in the world, independent of existing communications infrastructure over significant ranges. Both P2P and Mesh are available in the DTC SOL8SDR, Software Defined Radio, where software applications allow remote changes from one single platform.

Communications for Unmanned Systems Brochure

Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

The requirement of the UAVs and downlinks for the secure and reliable transfer of video, audio, data, and general IP network traffic in real-time environments, has led DTC to create a suite of products to meet these challenges.

Law EnforcementDrones
Search & RescueNano UAS
Disaster ManagementLoitering Munitions
SIGNIT/EWSwarming Drones
Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR)


First ResponderHALE UAVs
Battlefield Management SystemsMALE UAVs
MilitaryTactical UAVs
Border & Maritime Security

Uncrewed Ground Vehicle (UGV)

We are proven in service, with over 5,000 DTC radios on uncrewed Ground Vehicles (UGVs) in Defense, Law Enforcement and Public Safety applications.

Search & RescueHazardous Area Inspection
Reducing Soldier BurdenIED Detection
Autonomous Last Mile ResupplyAutonomous Haulage Systems (AHS) and Mining
Robotic Combat / Fighting VehiclesForce Protection
CBRNRemote Weapon Stations (RWS)

Uncrewed Surface Vehicle (USV)

Revolutionising communications between vessels at sea, DTC’s Maritime Mesh offers wireless IP Mesh connectivity which can be used for the secure and seamless exchange of video, data, voice and general network traffic.

Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR)

Survey Operations

MilitaryBorder Protection
Force ProtectionMine Counter Measures (MCM)

How? ‘Game-changing’ Mesh Technology


DTC has long been the leader in Wireless IP Mesh technology. Our Tactical IP Mesh waveforms were designed from the ground up for robust performance in the most demanding dynamic environments, free from the compromises of competitor solutions based on consumer standards.

Time and again, DTC Mesh excels not just on the datasheet or in the lab but in the most demanding real-world applications.

  • Higher Data Throughput
  • Outstanding NLOS performance
  • Excellent performance in challenging and Harsh RF and Topographical environments
  • Long-Range and High Throughput; proven BVLOS capabilities
  • Low SWAP-C OEM radio modules
  • 144+ radios on same freq for swarming applications
  • Radios from 320 MHz to 5Ghz in various freq bands
  • Open APIs for developer integration with existing GUI
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