The Codan RIOS provides interoperability between a range of communications devices including; radios, smartphones and computers, enabling a fully integrated communications network from anywhere in the world.

­The Codan RIOS provides interoperability between any communications devices, legacy and new, plus all signalling platforms, including HF, VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz, cellular and satellite phones, enabling a fully integrated communications network from anywhere in the world. The Codan RIOS is the solution for enabling users with different vendor devices to seamlessly communicate across any platform.

Enclosed in a rugged FAA-compliant Pelican iM2500 roller case, the Codan RIOS is designed to be easily transportable while withstanding tough environmental conditions. The case is water resistant with a pressure release valve. telescoping handle and wheels for quick deployment. In any environment, the Codan RIOS will endure to provide an active communications network.

Codan Hf Rios Tacticalenclosed Ptb


The Codan RIOS integrates a TAC2 I/O Module and a MIL-STD-810F Gateway Controller within an environmentally protected FAA-compliant transit case. The rear-interfacing TAC2 I/O Module provides eight high-density interface ports for interoperable voice communications. The TAC2 module interfaces to all types of HF, VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz, cell phones and satellite handsets, allowing the operator to quickly interconnect disparate devices by means of the intuitive Graphical User Interface.

On-board power management offers DC input with external lithium ion battery power to the I/O module and PC controller. Network options include LAN with Wi-Fi and/or customer-provided USB data connection. Tactical packaging includes MIL-STD power and interior and exterior USB connectors for computer charging and interface.


  • General
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Interfaces 8 Transceiver ports (26 pin high density)
    Ruggedised USB port
    External PTT input
    DC Input: 9 to 36 V DC
  • Mechanical Weight: 31 lbs (9.5 kg) with Battery
    Dimensions: 8.9ʺ H x 21.7ʺ W x 14.1ʺ D
    (22.6 cm H, 55.1 cm W, x 35.8 cm D)
    Housed in a Pelican iM 2500 case with lid organiser
  • Includes RIOS Gateway Controller software application
    Lind power adaptor for ruggedised laptop
    AC mains to DC power supply and line cord
    Ruggedised laptop
  • Items as spares RIOS TAC2 2590 Battery
    RIOS TAC2 2590 Charger Kit
    RIOS TAC2 Power Lind
    RIOS TAC2 Power Supply
    RIOS TAC2 Server to Lind Power Cable
    RIOS TAC2 Positive Lock USB Cable
  • Codan Envoy/NGT to RIOS TAC2 interface cable
  • Codan Manpack to RIOS TAC2
    interface cable
  • OEM Radio interface cables on request
  • Generic interface cable
    (unterminated flying leads)
  • iSPACE GSM Card
  • iSPACE Single GSM Card Enclosure
  • TAC2 2590 Lithium Ion Battery and Charger Package
  • RIOS Client Computer Connection Port
  • RIOS Lite Smartphone Connection Port
  • RIOS Lite Smartphone Profile
  • RIOS Video Feed Connection Port
  • RIOS Video Device Profile
  • RIOS Video Server Application
  • RIOS Playback with Archive Recording
  • RIOS Lite GPS Mapping Module
  • RIOS MultiSite Software Module

Values noted are typical. Equipment descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.


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What are the power requirements for your radios?

The majority of Codan radios are designed for 12 V DC nominal operation, with relatively low power consumption. This allows direct operation from vehicular, storage battery or solar sources. We also supply adaptors and mains power supplies allowing operation from wide-range DC inputs, or universal (100-240 V AC nominal) mains. Our high power amplifiers require mains power to operate.

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