We've deployed systems for

  • Wildland fire
  • secure law enforcement
  • public and government safety

Codan keeps working in

  • Low power
  • harsh environments
  • the most extreme regions

Our products have the

  • highest reliability
  • from remote lands
  • to urban areas

Our largest deployment of

  • over 1,300 repeaters
  • covers 150 million acres
  • and supports over 60,000 handheld radios

With harsh climates in remote areas, know that your networks can go the distance, no matter how extreme the conditions.

Our approach

Our clients tell us they need And that’s why our solutions deliver Year round operation in remote areas with harsh conditions Tried and tested performance, deployed in the toughest environments and harshest climates Reliable technology to protect the lives of people in the field The most comprehensive pre- and post-sale support, including design, maintenance and service Low current draw for solar powered system design Complete operation in analog and P25 Digital modes, with full P25 standards compliance Flexible technology options allow for remote system design that addresses any challenge Fixed and transportable solutions to meet changing needs in remote locations High-end technical service, support and system design for prolonged system life The highest reliability, lowed current draw radio network available on the market

Your Codan solution

Codan Lmr Rlm Solution Diagram Psd

Our principles

How do you know it's a Codan Communications Solution? Our six principles apply to every solution we create.


We adhere to industry standards allowing us to take advantage of your current and future investments – not locking you into our technology.

No gaps in coverage

Our fixed and mobile infrastructure platforms allow us to design and optimize coverage in ways other vendors can’t.


We deploy our products in the toughest environments and harshest climates, and back this up with exceptional service and support.

Fast deployment

Our solutions are designed to be up and running fast to enable you to focus on the job at hand in critical moments.

Pure simplicity

We simplify flexibility and control throughout the system lifecycle, ensuring our communications networks are easy-to-use and maintain.


It’s not just about the technology – we drive system efficiencies and cost savings through interoperability.


MANET Mesh data radios for Maritime security operations whitepaper

End-to-end control of Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIOPS) with connectivity between mothership, boat (RHIB), Boarding Officer and the boarding party can be a challenge for traditional communications links. Broadband and High-Speed communications in the maritime domain are difficult to achieve without an existing fixed communications infrastructure e.g. SATCOM.

Download Whitepaper (1.8MB)

Featured Case Study

North America

Remote Land Management Radio System Covers Millions of Miles Across North America

Due to severe weather and unpredictable conditions, the main problem to overcome in remote locations is no supporting infrastructure with harsh conditions and weather.
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