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Codan Communications Customer Support Life Cycle Diagram


With a history of over 60 year’s commitment to customers, Codan Communications goes well beyond the production and sale of high quality tactical communications equipment.

Operating in more than 100 countries, Codan has developed a global, highly responsive and capable support network that ensures the very best in before and after sales support and services.

Codan Communications’ mission is to deliver high-quality, performance-based training and essential support services that give customers the knowledge and skills to effectively operate and maintain their communications networks. Codan offers a range of professional services for all tactical communications requirements.


Where others will ask to change a customer’s operating procedure to accommodate their radio systems, Codan starts by truly understanding
the customer’s situation before assembling the solution that does the job required. The Codan Communications support life cycle includes services, training and support from initial discovery to deployment and beyond.

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