Our training and technical team have a widespread background that understands your needs and is able to work with you to get the most out of your solution.

We have the ability to provide training globally and travel extensively to hostile and remote locations, the training can be delivered on-site or at your location of choice or even at one of our global facilities.

LMR Training

Codan Communications offers specialized training courses on our full MT-4E product line as well as on custom products manufactured by Codan. Our training courses range from standard 2 or 3-day tuning and maintenance courses to 1-day technology overviews. We are also happy to customize any of our courses to meet the needs of your company or agency.

Any class size can easily be accommodated at the request of the customer. The courses can be held at the Victoria, Canada Codan facility, any of the Codan global offices or at your location. Complete manual sets and tuning tools are provided to each student attending the class. Courses typically include theory of operation, troubleshooting techniques, complete re-alignment and tuning procedures and demonstrations of Codan radio systems.

The following courses are available:

  • P25 Digital Technology Training (One Day)
  • MT-4E Analog and P25 Digital Training (Two Days)
  • MT-4E Trunking and Multi-Site Trunking Training (Three Days)
  • MT-4E Voting-Simulcast Training (Three Days)
  • Radio System Basics Training (One Day)
  • MT-4E Paging System Training (Two Days)
  • IP Networking for radio communications (½ Day)
  • Introduction to DFSI and related Codan technologies (One Day)
  • Stratus Systems operation, maintenance and troubleshooting (Two Days)
  • Cyclone station for wireline, V.24 and IP training (One Day)
  • Systems Training (Three Days)

Contact Codan LMR Training at training@codancomms.com for costs, dates and additional information.

HF Training

The following training packages are available to support Radio Frequency theory and principles, Operator training, Network administrator, Installation training and services and repair training.

RF - Radio Frequency Theory and Principles

The HF Theory and Radio Basics training course is for anyone involved in HF communications. Topics covered in the course include:

  • Electrical and RF safety
  • Basic radio theory
  • Signal propagation
  • Antenna types
  • Skip zone
  • Interference
  • Frequency planning and prediction

This course can also be combined with the Operator or Administrator/Installer courses.

Radio Operator Training

The Operator Training is designed for HF radio operators. Topics covered in this course depends on the equipment used.

The products covered as part of the operator training are:

  • Vehicle, Base station and Manpack solutions
  • Data Transfer
  • Telephone Interconnect
  • Interoperability and Interconnect devices
  • Remote control (TCP/IP)
  • High power stations
  • Custom system Solutions

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Radio Voice and Data procedures
  • Radio controls and operation
  • Call types
  • Software installation
  • Software Applications
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Level 1 Fault finding
  • Site Installation basics

Network Administrator

Network Administrator training contains a number of technical subjects and is directed at network planners, and programmers. To achieve the full benefit of this course attendees should have a good understanding of RF theory and radio operation.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • Frequency planning and prediction
  • Radio network structure
  • Radio Programming
  • Software configuration
  • Comsec Management
  • Network upgrade options and other capabilities

Installation Training

Codan’s installation training focuses on best installation practices for Vehicles and Base stations

  • Site Survey
  • Best Installation practices
  • Antenna installation (Vehicle and Base)
  • Systems solutions installation
  • IP installations
  • Trouble shooting
  • Periodic Maintenance

Service and Repair Training Level 2 ASC

Level 2 Service and repair training is an in depth course on diagnostic, fault find and repair of radios, installations and equipment. This course requires a sound understanding of electronics and Radio Frequency theory, operation and installation. Subjects covered in this course will vary depending on the equipment used and the service support required.

Bespoke Training courses are offered to suit our customer needs.

VIP Service

To ensure you are able to focus on your selected training package we are able to offer a VIP service that will take care of your travel arrangements and life support whilst at any of our global facilities.

Please call us at your nearest Codan office for any support service enquiries, or email: support@codancomms.com

Contact Codan HF Training at support@codancomms.com for costs, dates and additional information.

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