A Codan solution using RF links to interconnect radio repeater sites together.


Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems are typically deployed to cover large geographical areas. When the distance becomes too vast, or the coverage provided is too restricted for a single repeater, more repeaters are added. The cost of connecting sites can become a barrier for customers. Using Codan RF links is a reliable and cost-effective solution.

By establishing a series of linked repeater sites, they can work together to provide radio coverage over a large area.

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Wide area radio networking using radio links

There are various methods of linking (or chaining) repeaters together. An expression that is often used to describe the repeater that connects to the mobiles and base stations is “drop”, or local coverage repeater. In the above diagram, the term “drop repeater” describes a repeater that transmits and receives simultaneously and is used to talk to mobiles or portable subscribers. The term “switched link” describes a repeater that does not function simultaneously but is switched to transmit or receive at any one time (controlled by incoming signals). It is used to connect one site to another. The term “repeating link” repeater describes a repeater that transmits and receives simultaneously, just like a “drop” repeater, but unlike a “drop” it is an inexpensive method of linking to a number of other sites.

  • Expanded coverage
  • Does not require complex and expensive backhaul network
  • Low power consumption, therefore the entire system could operate in remote areas on an alternate power source, such as solar power
  • Allows users to control the system and steer the conversations
  • Operates in Analog, P25 or Mixed Mode
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