Radio coverage needs to be where the responders are. With Codan's transportable radio systems, you can bring your coverage with you.


You are called to an emergency on a side of town that has poor LMR coverage. It’s spotty at best, yet this time you need assurance you can communicate critical information back to your dispatcher. Furthermore, you need to work with a team of responders. Everyone must be able to communicate with each other as well as the command center. Problems with incompatibility, connectivity, setup, and power are issues you can’t be concerned with when this happens.

Your Codan Solution

12 20299 Transportable Repeaters


The Codan family of transportable repeaters was built to solve these problems. In Stratus, we have a complete one-person carry system, the ET-4 is an RF linked tactical vote/scan multicast system, and the ET Series provides small systems for body-wire connectivity up to larger waterproof deployables. With each, the responder creates a mobile LMR network for local coverage, connection to a PSAP, or a command center. These transportable repeaters are built for one-button operation and the elements. Codan uses robust water resistant cases, portable battery and solar power, and a backpack tactical antenna with light dispatch clients on rugged laptops.

From an interoperability perspective, the transportable Codan repeaters bring Radio over IP to Public Safety. Your team will experience the same talk-back and high-quality audio over on the transportable as they have with the fixed core. Each repeater is powered from 8 to 30W providing better coverage for the responders. By creating transportable solutions as small as a briefcase to the size of large T-Cases, Codan can customize any radio solution and produce or extend highly reliable, simple to operate, radio networks.

Using cellular or satellite backhauls, users can depend on reliable non-stop communications wherever their mission takes them. The ability to react to developing situations is key to protecting lives, no matter where the emergency – including those areas of poor LMR coverage. Codan goes from simplex to duplex, from analog to P25, across VHF, UHF, and 700/800 bands to meet the needs of the responders. Furthermore, while eliminating gaps in coverage is essential, it must be secure. Codan adheres to the P25 Standard and provides solutions that combine advanced AES-256 and VPN security.


  • Immediate response to an emergency, sub 5 min.
  • Customize solutions to meet customer requirements
  • Utilize advanced materials and technologies
  • Mobile IP LTE Service with Secure VPN
  • Water and Fire retardant enclosures available
  • Comparable as an LMR Cell on Wheels
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