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Providing communications at the tactical edge

Codan has worked extensively with its customers worldwide to identify their needs and ensure that its solutions meet those needs without additional, costly and over-engineered utilities and features which are under or never utilised.

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HF Advantages Over Satellite

Codan’s second generation Digital Voice and software defined radio platform elevates HF technology beyond the capabilities, availability and clarity of satellite phone communications.

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No Infrastructure Solution

A High Frequency (HF) network is the only communications solution that can provide support in places where communications infrastructure is either non-existent or severely damaged.

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Digital Voice Technology

With the arrival of Codan's second generation of Digital Voice technology and advanced signal processing, poor voice quality is becoming a thing of the past.

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Tactical and peacekeeping operations require the flexibility to communicate from remote locations, while on foot and in vehicles. In addition, they need to communicate across signalling platforms to maintain operational control.

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Coverage in Remote Locations

A nation-wide network of High Frequency (HF) radios provides complete and secure radio coverage for all voice and data needs even in remote locations with no cellular coverage.

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Radio Infrastructure Networking

A Codan solution using RF links to interconnect radio repeater sites together. Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems are deployed to cover large geographical areas and with vast distances, RF links are a reliable and cost-effective solution.

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Radio Coverage Expansion

Some Land Mobile Radio systems have achieved coverage using higher RF power and a low number of radio sites. Sometimes, additional sites are required to improve or expand coverage and capacity.

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Eliminating Gaps in Coverage

Radio coverage needs to be where the responders are. With Codan's transportable radio systems, you can bring your coverage with you.

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Legacy System Replacement

When all or parts of your mission critical radio system reach end of life, you face big decisions. From single equipment replacement to complete system redesign, select a reliable solution provider to make those decisions easy.

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Coverage Extension

Often due to terrain, public safety agencies find areas that are not covered by their fixed infrastructure. Codan transportable repeaters add coverage to these areas as required.

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