Codan has worked extensively with its customers worldwide to identify their needs and ensure that its solutions meet those needs without additional, costly and over-engineered utilities and features which are under or never utilised.

Avoiding a "one size fits all " mind-set

In these days of limited budgets and scrutiny of expenditure, military communications equipment must always offer value for money, providing the right balance between cost, reliability and technological capability. Fiscally challenged end users should have available affordable radios that meet their requirements, particularly those security forces which plan to engage in operations in the most technologically advanced environments


Codan continuously refines its offering to meet the requirement of the end user. Even those end users that are receiving external funding need a value for money solution to meet their needs. Often these security forces do not need products built around Type 1 communications security (COMSEC) encryption devices, but rather equipment with the ability to host external encryption when needed. This will give them the ability still to participate in those high-level coalition operations which require secure communications of this nature. These non-NATO military forces need military communications equipment which meets their requirements and is affordable.

The affordable solutions that Codan Communications provides to its customers are carefully designed to ensure that they provide a complete, end-to-end communications package that will connect users and headquarters at every level throughout the command chain, and in every format needed to provide effective command and control. These scalable, flexible solutions combine the sophisticated technology needed for modern military operations, the robustness to ensure survivability in combat conditions, and the interoperability necessary for multifaceted operations with forces from different countries and agencies.

  • Customised to end user requirements
  • Reliable, sustainable and ease of use
  • Offer value for money
  • Complete end-to-end communications package
  • Scalable and flexible solutions

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