1 – 3 August 2022

Africa Endeavour Morocco

USAFRICOM will be hosting Africa Endeavor 2022 at the Kenzi Rose Garden Hotel in Marrakesh, Morocco from August 1-3, 2022. Africa Endeavor is an annual senior leader and communications symposium designed to encourage interoperability and advance national cyber strategy across African partner nations.

As part of the symposium, there will be a technology exposition beginning with vendor introduction in the general session on Monday, August 1, followed by exhibit tables and demonstrations August 2-3. This exposition is designed for industry exhibitors to showcase the latest in emerging technologies. This event provides opportunities to network with senior communicators from across Africa and the US African Command. It is expected that 150-250 participants from over 40 African nations, USAFRICOM, and international organizations will be participating in this event. The audience is primarily decision makers at the 05, 06, and flag officer level.

Technologies of Interest:

  • C4 Capabilities and Overcoming Challenges
  • Information Sharing
  • Interoperability
  • Beyond Line of Sight Communications
  • Field Maintenance/Radio Test Bench
  • Encrypted Communications – low cost and efficient capabilities
  • Maritime Security
  • IT Infrastructure – Expanding and Improving Capacity
  • Partnering Against Illicit Activities
  • Cyber (DCO no OCO)
  • Network Defense
  • Mobile Power Solutions

For more information, click here to visit the website.

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