8 November 2016

Codan Communication’s Envoy Achieves DoD’s JITC Certification

Ashburn, Virginia – Codan Communications, 28 October 2016.

Codan Communications has announced the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification for its Envoy HF Radio. The JITC certification establishes Codan’s position as a leader in the tactical communications industry with secure interoperable which support the Department of Defense (DoD) and their associated partner networks.

JITC verifies product interoperability for all products used in Department of Defense networks. In addition the JITC certification confirms that Codan’s Envoy radio system is qualified as meeting the Automatic Link Establishment requirements of Military Standard MIL-STD-188-141B, Performance and Interoperability Standards for Medium and High Frequency (HF) Radio devices.

Guaranteeing interoperability between Codan and other HF radio suppliers, the JITC certification establishes a common waveform for Automatic Link Establishment operations, a crucial development for humanitarian, coalition, and Partnership for Peace operations during disaster relief and emergency response efforts. Automatic Link Establishment selects the best frequency available within minutes of a radio operator initiating a call, alerting the operators on both ends to facilitate immediate communications. One of the many benefits of Automatic Link Establishment is that it eliminates the requirement for repetitive calling on pre-determined time schedules and also the monitoring of static on high frequency radios.

“JITC certification insures our customers that the Envoy meets interoperability criteria with other HF radios according to the DOD standard,” Codan’s Director of UN and US Business Development John Robins explains. “Achieving JITC certification demonstrates Codan’s serious investment in defense applications to support the need for interoperable platforms between coalition and PfP countries.”

The JITC certification confirms the Envoy radio surpasses security and interoperability standards for top US military operations, humanitarian and UN peacekeeper efforts, as well as securing established communication networks in partner nations. Codan’s Envoy is now listed on the JITC website.

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