29 January 2019

Codan Communications Announces NVIS Communications as Primary Partner for the United States, Mexico and Caribbean

Continuing to build its world class partnership network, Codan Communications is pleased to announce its new primary partner for the US, Mexico and Caribbean - NVIS Communications. Partnering with Codan was the next logical step for NVIS Communications to strengthen and diversify their offering to satisfy customer needs.

NVIS has a very strong footprint and knowledge of HF Systems Integration and has always respected the reliability and quality of Codan’s products, in particular the engineering and support they offer. Codan’s strategic goals closely align with NVIS and we are very pleased to be working exclusively with Codan worldwide.

John Rosica, President of NVIS Communications LLC

Throughout its long history, Codan has worked extensively alongside its partners worldwide to identify customer needs and ensure that its solutions meet their requirements. “Codan acknowledges its success through its partners and this appointment of NVIS Communications is significant for Codan’s continuing success in the Americas,” stated Michael Demos, Regional Sales Director, Americas.

John will be speaking alongside Codan at the forthcoming IWCE tradeshow in Las Vegas in March. For more information on Codan’s participation in this show, visit our Events page.

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