14 April 2018

Codan Communications in the Arctic

Codan’s 2110M manpack and Sentry-H have been tested in the Arctic as part of Exercise NORTHERN WARRIOR 2018.

Translation of the article as seen in Adsum Journal:

Radio Communications in the Arctic: CHALLENGE MET

During Exercise NORTHERN WARRIOR 2018, 35 Canadian Brigade Group (35 CBG) Communications Detachment did an impressive job of testing and solving problems.

The detachment’s two objectives were to provide high-quality communications to the Arctic Response Company Group (ACG) personnel and test new equipment in an arctic environment. “The arid and austere environment of the Canadian Arctic requires effective communications. The work done by the G6 35 GBC team has undoubtedly demonstrated the relevance of the HF communications that are essential to operate effectively in this hostile climate,” said Captain Pelletier, Officer permanent operations of the GCIA.

The detachment tested a solar charging system developed by Sergeant Thomassin. “This device provides support for communications during exercises in remote areas to gain a great deal of independence," says Sergeant Vaillancourt.

“One of our mandates was to test the use of a new type of radio (CODAN Sentry H) and its compatibility with existing systems,” says Sergeant Lévesque. After hard work, the team not only successfully fulfilled this mandate, but has also completed a series of successful trials to integrate RA 5 modems with these radios. Thus, it was possible to transmit reports and photographs on our radio network, all in the Arctic environment.

Let us conclude with the statement of Lieutenant-Colonel Dutil, Commander of Exercise WARRIOR NORTH 2018: “The work provided by the posting of communications is impressive both for the quality of the service given and the ingenuity of the solutions deployed.”

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