27 February 2018

Codan Communications Launches Codan Certified Partner Program

­Codan Communications is excited to announce the launch of the Codan Certified Partner Program at IWCE 2018 in Orlando, Florida. As a founding member of the P25 Technology Interest Group, Codan has long been a supporter of open standards and interoperability. Adding a range of industry-leading partner products to the Codan line of Land Mobile Radio P25 infrastructure enables the ultimate choice for our customers; allowing selection and deployment of best-of-breed technology backed by Codan’s reputation for service and support.

Codan is pleased to announce that Avtec Inc. has joined the Codan Certified Partner Program and will offer its Scout™ brand of consoles through Codan’s direct and indirect channels. “Joining this program is an extension of Avtec’s successful relationship with Codan and our shared commitment to advocating for open standards in the LMR market,” said Avtec’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Solutions John Rosati.

This partnership will allow clients to deploy a unified Codan radio and Avtec console solution with the confidence that it has undergone rigorous integration testing and will be supported with the highest levels of customer service.

Certified partner products will be fully incorporated into Codan’s system verification and support processes. Ongoing integration and regression testing will ensure field compatibility of new system releases, and enable Codan’s trained technicians to assist customers with all aspects of the end-to-end solution.

“The Codan Certified Partner Program is an important step to providing fully supported and interoperable radio network solutions to our customers worldwide,” stated Ron Poulin, Vice President and General Manager of Codan’s Land Mobile Radio business unit. “We are committed to open standards and want our customers to know that we stand behind and support the solutions that we sell and deploy."

Certified partner products will be available through Codan and its authorized channels for LMR solutions including Codan’s MT-4E™, Cascade™, and Stratus™ product lines. For additional information on Codan’s Radio Network Solutions capabilities and product portfolio, please click here.

About Avtec:

Avtec Inc. provides pure Internet Protocol (IP) dispatch console solutions for the public safety, transportation, energy, business and industry, and government markets. Since 1979, clients have chosen Avtec’s award-winning technology for their mission-critical dispatch centers. There are thousands of Avtec Scout Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) consoles installed worldwide.

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