3 January 2020

Codan Communications "Importance of a QoS strategy for shared Public-Safety Backhaul" Article Published in FirstNet eBOOK

The Codan LMR team remains committed to providing support, information and education to our customers and the LMR industry.

In this spirit we are proud to announce that our Victoria-based Sales Engineer, Robert Kwapisz, recently had an educational article published in Radio Resource MissionCritical Communications Magazine's latest eBook titled “The State of FirstNet: What Public-Safety Officials Need to Know about FirstNet and How It Interworks with P25 Systems”​.

In this useful article, Robert outlines what Quality-of-Service (QoS) is, why it is such a critical consideration for Public Safety Systems, and offers helpful guidelines for incorporating this information in an organization's communication and procurement plans.

To download a PDF copy of Robert's article, please click here.

A strong understanding of QoS concepts and parameters is invaluable to any agency that is dedicated to protecting lives...

-Robert Kwapisz, P.Eng "Why QoS Is Critical to Shared Public-Safety Backhaul"
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