8 September 2021

Codan provides CFS with Military grade tactical comms capability

Codan Communications, a division of Codan Limited (ASX:CDA), has provided the South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) with high-tech radio communication equipment, empowering it with the same tactical comms capability of leading armed forces.

Codan’s donation of five military-grade radio manpacks and transportable repeaters will be used in extreme scenarios where access to the SA Government Radio Network (SAGRN) is challenged or when there is a requirement to establish a secure, independent comms network. The SAGRN is the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) radio network used by police, ambulance and other such services. The CFS uses the SAGRN for Command & Control communications whilst a VHF (Very High Frequency) network is used for the local fire-ground traffic. The military radio equipment donated to the CFS is not intended to replace the existing system but as Codan CEO and Managing Director Donald McGurk explains, it ensures that CFS crews can establish a robust communication network in the most remote locations or when there has been a network failure.

“The primary benefits this equipment provides is self-sufficiency as it allows the CFS to set up a resilient, highly mobile, independent network that offers high quality comms capability between fire-fighting teams and mission control,” explained

Mr. McGurk.

“When the going gets really tough, the CFS shouldn’t be limited by its equipment and we are delighted to be supporting them in this way,” added

Mr. McGurk.

Codan’s Sentry Manpack offers compact lightweight, full military-grade construction with 30 Watts of power and a 55-hour battery life. The units meet military standards for dust, temperature, shock and vibration. Weighing in at under 5kgs, the manpacks are very mobile, allowing CFS personnel to transport them to wherever it might be needed.

Local antenna design and manufacturing company Lencom Antennas Pty Ltd also showed their support to the CFS by donating specialised masts which can be used in conjunction with the equipment donated by Codan. Lencom’s unique transportable masts can be rotated once erected making the alignment of directional antennas more accurate, faster and simpler.

Codan’s equipment will be applied in scenarios where capacity and coverage are an issue, such as remote areas or in valleys and ravines. Bush fires are fast-moving and require tactical comms capability that can keep the pace.

The system comprises repeaters (master and slave stations) which can be placed tens of kilometres apart and then relocated as required to expand the network over very large areas. The network can even ‘cross patch’ into the SAGRN, making a truly interoperable system.

Codan will be providing support and training for CFS personnel in the use of the equipment.

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